Not all contractors are equal … their credentials, expertise, professionalism and integrity are as unique as they are.

We understand your concerns about working with a contractor, so we built our company around the priority of putting your mind at ease.

(1) Is your contractor licensed and insured? 

We are.  We possess all the state, local and commercial qualifications to do your job the right way, because that’s what matters to us, and to you.

(2) Has your contractor been in the industry for a while?

  We have.  In fact, we have over 20 years combined experience in the contracting as well as related fields.  Our company was built by former insurance adjusters who understand construction from both sides of the claim. 

(3) Does your contractor operate within the bounds of the law?

We do. We are tenacious about abiding by federal, state and local laws and will NEVER put our clients in a compromising position.

(4) Does your contractor have special certifications with roofing materials suppliers?

We have them.  We are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and possess Top of the Roof ™ certification. 

(5) Does your contractor listen to you?

We listen.  In fact, we pride ourselves on how we work with our clients – we hear your concerns and take note of your particular needs, then map a solution that meets them.

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Free Estimates for Residential Homes and Commercial Businesses for Roofing and other projects throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.          Corbin Exteriors, LLC has an A+ Rating the the BBB

Corbin Exteriors is second to none...

We had recently purchased a house and were not told at the time of purchase that we would be required to install a new roof paid completely out of pocket. It was a constant worry of ours and we were unsure how we would afford it and how we would be able to get it done from a company that we trusted without breaking the bank.

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