The Corbin Process


Corbin Exteriors offers superior construction. remodeling, window replacement, roofing, concrete and asphalt, and landscaping services for homes and businesses throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

INITIAL NEEDS ASSESSMENT: before we “bid” on a project, we come to your site and perform a complimentary needs assessment involving the following components: scope of the work, materials needs/choices and project trajectory (a rough idea of the process the project will require to be successful)

PROJECT PLAN PROPOSAL: we give you more than a bid, we provide a plan. Outlining process, safety and compliance measures, collateral considerations (how the project will affect tenants, neighbors and/or customers) and of course, cost. This plan gives a comprehensive view into the project parameters and a detailed understanding of the value we provide you for the dollar.

LEAD SERVICES: along with our sales and production staff, we provide the services of a lead professional; someone who will quarterback the efforts of each of our team members who will be working with you as well as coordinating our efforts with other professionals who are working on our project.

VALUE ADDED SERVICES: along with installing your interior/exterior needs (roofing, siding, windows, insulation, property maintenance, landscaping, etc) we will work with your customers, tenants, residents and/or partners to direct, communicate and protect them in the process. As the project demands, we will, at no extra cost to you, guide those who are affected by this project through its execution to ensure their safety and cooperation.


Free Estimates for Residential Homes and Commercial Businesses for Roofing and other projects throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.          Corbin Exteriors, LLC has an A+ Rating the the BBB

Competent from beginning to end...

When Corbin Exteriors came to me about my need for a new roof on my three story charter public school, I wondered if their offer to work with me on an insurance claim would go well.  The job was large and complex and required careful attention to detail.

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