How We Protect You

Corbin Exteriors offers superior construction. remodeling, window replacement, roofing, concrete and asphalt, and landscaping services for homes and businesses throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Because we care about our clients, and strive to put ourselves into their proverbial shoes (remember, we are homeowners too!) we want to find as many ways to protect you as possible.  Here are a few:

Our contract 

Yes, believe it or not, our contract was designed to protect you in many ways

First, it provides you the opportunity to change your mind within the first 72 hours after signing it without issue.  While we would never want to lose you as a client, we understand that there are times when, for various reasons, you may need to say, "not at this time." 

Secondly, our contract clearly states that if your insurer does not approve the project, you are in no way obligated to do the work.  In other words, you are not left holding the "bag" on a project you cannot pay for personally. 

Third, our contract commits us to perform the work in a timely manner, according to local and state codes and to ensure that the project is approved by your city municipality.

Our crews

When the day or days of installation arrive (depending on the size of your project), you will have a professional, experienced Production Manager and his staff at your job site to ensure that the work is being done correctly, safely and according to the specific requests you and he spoke about prior to installation.  He is also there to make sure that clean up of your property is performed with excellence and will literally walk through the property with you to make sure you are satisfied with the work.

Our warranties

We stand behind our work.  While the shingle manufacturers we work with provide excellent materials warranties on their products, we stand behind the labor and installation of your roofing, siding, etc.  If there is a problem, let us know and we will be there to make it right.

Free Estimates for Residential Homes and Commercial Businesses for Roofing and other projects throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.          Corbin Exteriors, LLC has an A+ Rating the the BBB

Corbin worked with my insurance adjuster...

I own an apartment building where I am responsible for the safety and security of my residents.  I take that responsibility very seriously.  When the roof on my apartment building and adjacent garage structure was deteriorated and damaged by storms, I called Corbin Exteriors. 

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