How We Prepare You

Corbin Exteriors offers superior construction. remodeling, window replacement, roofing, concrete and asphalt, and landscaping services for homes and businesses throughout the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Performing a major home repair/improvement project can be a bit daunting, especially when it involves calling in a claim to your insurance company.

At Corbin Exteriors, we understand.  Instead of dealing with high pressure sales people who only want to sell you a product, our team of compassionate professionals is trained to understand your concerns and speak to you intelligently.

Let's review a few of the ways we prepare you

for your exteriors project so you can feel prepared for the process with confidence and comfort:

Our FAQ's on this website is a helpful place to start.  Common questions such as, "if I file a claim, will my rates go up?" or "What if I only get a partial approval?" are answered.  Of course, our sales associates are trained and experienced to answer these questions in person as well.  What is important to remember is that we are committed never to put you in a compromising position with your insurance company or leave you "holding the bag" financially.

We assess your particular situation and advise you accordingly.  With Corbin Exteriors, there are no surprises.  Whatever the costs of the project are, you will know them in advance.  While we will always do everything we can to ensure the fullest coverage from your insurance company, there are out-of-pocket expenses for an exteriors project; even with insurance coverage.  We will review your policy with you and be sure you understand what your deductible is.  If there are upgrades you wish to include, we will be clear about the cost of these upgrades and any other expenses that might be involved with the job PRIOR to performing the work.

We will treat your project as an on-going process.  When our contract is signed, we consider that as the starting point in working for you, not the end.  We will help you call in the claim, we will meet with your adjuster, we will review your insurance estimate, we will call in any supplements (extra costs as the project progresses) that the insurance company needs to pay for and we will listen to your requests along the way regarding practical issues such as clean-up, installation, dates and times you request the work be done, etc.

You will receive e-mails and phone calls about the status of your project and key action reminders about anything you may need to do or want us to get done.   -- no guessing about "what's going on with my project?"

We will work with your city and municipality to both pull a permit as well as ensure that your project passes inspection.  If there is anything extra your city requires for your project, we will get it done and contact your insurer about the expense.

We will walk through your completed project to make sure you are satisfied with every dimension of our work.  If there is something missing, we will take care of it.

We will come to your home to collect the insurance monies and payment for your project; no need to mail or travel to our offices to do so.

We will be available to you for any questions or concerns that arise, working with you as partners and friends in the industry ... because at Corbin, we care!

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A pleasure working with Corbin Exteriors...

It was a pleasure working with Corbin Exteriors for our Exterior Sandblasting/Paint Project.  We are very pleased with how everything looks and would highly recommend Corbin Exteriors for any Exterior Renovation Projects.  All work was done professionally and as scheduled.  

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