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Home energy costs have been pretty consistent through the times … consistently rising.Energy evaluation and audits - Corbin Exteriors Storm Damage Insurance Claim Help and Assistance in the Minnesota Twin Cities areas around Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

The most recent survey done by the US Energy Information Administration shows the cost per gallon for home heating oil in Minnesota to be $3.78!

Natural gas is at $10.87 per thousand cubic feet according to the same source.

Electricity (US average) costs almost 12 cents per kilowatt hour.

The EPA projects that the cost of heating oil and natural gas will increase by 19% and 15% respectively this year. 

Let’s face it; the price of heating and cooling your home is not going down.

No, we can’t lower the cost of your energy sources, but we can help keep the vital energy you use from escaping through your walls, doors, windows, attic and roof.

  • Infiltration and air leakage through the attic and roof accounts for 35% of energy loss.
  • Windows and doors account for 18-20% of energy loss.
  • Walls account for 12-15% of energy loss.
  • Ceilings account for 10% of energy loss.


Consider these numbers. 

Imagine someone coming into your home and stealing cash from you  EVERY MONTH.  Imagine as well that this person has the magical ability to make your home uncomfortably cold and drafty during these harsh Minnesota winters.  In the summer, same picture, only hotter.

Magic?  Not at all – inadequate insulation, inefficient heating and cooling systems and outdated windows and doors all contribute to energy loss.

Our solution?

The Corbin 9 Point Energy Evaluation

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I would like to Thank You all for the Great job you did for our company.  Corbin Exteriors removed our old shingles and re-roofed our business in June 2014.  We had approximately 88,000 sq feet of roofing that suffered hail damage and weather related problems.  All the people at Corbin worked SO well with us!

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