*Would you like more free time to focus on more important things?

*Are you getting the money you deserve for insurance claim work?

*Has following up with insurance companies become a HEADACHE?

*What if you could maximize your re-cooperation costs for insurance projects without the hassle of writing estimates and all follow ups with insurance companies?


At Corbin Estimating, our goal is to save you time and money with insurance projects.  We have a team dedicated to maximize your insurance claims and save you the time and hassle of following up with insurance companies.  With our experience and expertise, we work to get you the dollars that you deserve for completing insurance projects per code and manufacturer specifications.

We understand you may not be a “STORM CHASER” and have been conducting business successfully for many years.  You are most likely still running across many projects that either have storm damage or discontinued shingles, siding, windows or doors and are insurance claim projects.  We are here to assist with those types of projects as well.

We have over 10 years of experience in Appraisals, General Contracting and Supplementing. We understand that insurance companies do not always cover everything that is required to complete these insurance claim projects.  As long as we can prove it, we have a great chance of making those re-cooperation costs realistic. We only make money when you do, so there is no risk for the money you deserve.

We have proven results on increases and improving the bottom line of general contractors in-state and out-of-state and ways to help you land more deals with the extra time you don’t have to spend on supplementing headaches.

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