FIRST, WE CHECK YOUR ROOF SYSTEMEnergy Savings - Corbin Exteriors Storm Damage Insurance Claim Help and Assistance in the Minnesota Twin Cities areas around Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

Because your roof is not a single entity, but an entire system, we check the features of your roofing system that ensure that the elements stay out and your cooling and heating costs stay in.

We check the condition of the shingles on your roof — their age, condition and whether there is any of your underlayment (the felt paper and ice and water shield under the shingles) is exposed due to missing or
damaged shingles.

We also check your soffits and roofing vents to make sure your roof is
breathing properly.

NEXT, WE CHECK YOUR ATTIC SPACEEnergy Audits - Corbin Exteriors Storm Damage Insurance Claim Help and Assistance in the Minnesota Twin Cities areas around Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

Because nearly 1/3 of your home’s heating and cooling produced by your home is lost through the attic, roof, walls and ceilings, ensuring that your attic space is just as important as checking your roof system’s condition.
We check the R-value (a measurement of heat resistance) of your current insulation and take pictures of the attic space for your review.

We also check to see if the door leading into your attic (called a scuttle) is properly insulated, whether the attic is allowing enough proper air flow and has proper vapor barrier between the decking and insulation.

THEN, WE CHECK YOUR WINDOWSEnergy efficiency - Corbin Exteriors Storm Damage Insurance Claim Help and Assistance in the Minnesota Twin Cities areas around Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

Windows are a huge culprit behind energy loss. We check the age of your windows, we check for drafts, whether the frames are hot or cold (to ensure that you are not losing energy through conduction), we look for condensation on the panes (evidence of energy loss) , we look for mildew on the sill or inside the jambs
(excessive condensation), as well as for leaking, proper operation and whether they provide proper egress (fire safety codes require every bedroom to have a window large enough for a person to exit that does not have a sprinkler system or door to outside).


Next, we check your water heater for the following items:

  • Is it safely accessible for inspection and service?
  • Is it certified by a licensed agency such as UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) or ANSI (American National Standards Institute)?
  • Is the thermostat set for 140 degrees or less?
  • Is the drain valve leaking or compromised?
  • Does the hot water have a strange smell? This can reveal an aging sacrificial anode (protects the tank from corrosion).



Sometimes the most obvious items can be the cause of serious energy problems.  That’s why our energy evaluation includes your thermostat — we measure your room temperature using heat guns against the listed
temperature on the thermostat.  We also check to see whether the age, condition and type (electronically programmable or mercury switch) of thermostat is the most effective for your home.


Energy loss in a home presents in different ways. The most obvious would be inefficient heating as compared with heating or cooling system expenditures or drafts near windows and doors.  However, the variance in temperatures in different parts of a home (rooms or areas) can reveal insulation or sealing problems. Using heat sensing equipment, we check the temperature consistency of your home to detect potential issues with energy loss and make recommendations to correct them if they are found.


We also check for the following energy and safety features:

  • Installation and proper functioning of CO2 detectors.
  • Installation and proper functioning of smoke detectors.
  • Installation and proper functioning of energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Other items that may affect your home’s energy consumption, safety and comfort (this varies from house to house).


We believe that an integral part of being a great company is providing a real service to our neighbors by ensuring them that their home is an energy efficient, safe and comfortable place to be.  We consult with you to make sure unnecessary energy costs do not get wasted and accidents don’t happen.

You can trust us, because at Corbin, we get the job done … right.

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